About Us

Welcome to Zomi Association USA.

Established in the beginning of 2009 in Portland, Oregon, the Zomi Association USA is an emerging non-profit organization of like-minded Zomi to help connect with other Zomi in different cities and regions within USA and network with Zomi associations worldwide.

Zomi Association of USA  works for, and amongst Zomi immigrants and refugees throughout USA to lend a helping hand in getting them back to normal lives.

Zomi Association of USA is one of many Zomi Associations; making up the largest Zomi community organization outside of Burma.   It was first founded as Zomi Association of Malaysia (ZAM) in 2006 by persecuted Zomi, who are seeking refugee statuses through UNHCR in Kuala Lumpur.  The organization is now established in Malaysia, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, European Union and the United States.  The organization membership is growing worldwide. Zomi Association of USA is a registered with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs NGO Branch.

Who are Zomi?

Zomi have been seeking refuge in USA primarily in the last five years from Burma’s ruling junta due to religious and racial persecution.  Many have come from refugee camps in Thailand, Malaysia and India, and are seeking a new life here in America.

We work to better support ourselves with community development, and building a network of support among organizations, churches, and civic institutions.  We collaborate with other communities on issues of mutual interest, regardless of their ethnic background or national origin.

If you identify as Zomi or would like to support our community, please consider joining our organization today! You can click on “Membership” for more information, or contact us for a brochure P.O Box 301551 Portland, OR 27294.


The mission of the Zomi Association USA is strengthen the Zomi immigrants and refugees through community development and advocacy for human rights.


P.O Box 301551
Portland, OR 97294


The mission of the Zomi Association USA is strengthening Zomi immigrants and refugees through community development and advocacy for human rights. Many Zomi fled Burma because of religious and racial persecution by the SPDC military junta of Burma.

We are working to better support ourselves with community development, and building a network of support among nonprofit organizations, churches, and civic institutions.

To educate about refugee issue and support Zomi who are outside of their country for finding safety and acceptance while they are waiting for their refugee status through UNHCR.

To help find resettlement countries and be able to reunite with family, to assist them to become self-sufficient and contributing citizens.

Zomi Association USA is supported by contributions and membership dues.  With your support, we are able to accomplish our mission and goals.  Your membership will build the worldwide Zomi Association and support our advocacy work.  Zomi Association USA is an emerging 501c3 organization, registered in the State of Oregon as a non-profit organization.  To join, please click on “Membership” or contact us for more information.


6 responses to “About Us

  1. Dear ZAUSA Makaipi, Pu Kingmang,Zo bawmkhai,

    I Zomi pihte phattuamna ding leh minam kician khat hihna ding ngimna tawh hh bang a Zomi Association USA nong patkhiat theih manin, pahtakna leh zahtakna kong pia hi. Hih kipawlna leh nasepnate in i khang sawnte in tuantuu bang cing den lambang zui den dingin Sianin hong siam hen.

    Hih kipawlna hangin, i minam min ahi het lo Chin kammal bei mang hen la, i minam min man taktak ahi ZOMI (Zo People) hong gualzo taktak ding i lametna leh i thungetna hisak ni. Zomite a bawl leh a it Pasian mahin Zomite thupha pia ta hen.

    Minam leh pasian naseppih,

    Sia Khampeek(Tongsan Pu)
    General Secretary
    ZCF Norway

  2. Deric

    Dear makai teng

    Hi bang in ki pawl na khat ii min tawh web page khat na na phuat khiat uh thu pi hong sa ing…
    Tua hi’n hih web sung ah ‘Zo la tebf leh Zo gam man teng guang beh lai thei le uh ci’n..hong ‘request nuam ing

    Deric Kam’
    Senior friend
    Siamsin kipawl na

    • sangpau

      Thank you for the support. Kei Zo pau siam lolow hih hang-ah mang pau bek zang zaw ning. Makai dang the zo pau siam zaw te om sam in ah kei bel mang pau tawh ong gelt keek ning. I have very little experience or knowledge about website building so please excuse the lack of content on this website. I welcome continued suggestions and support of this association so please feel free to continue commenting.

  3. Neng Pau

    Dear makaite,

    I mite aa ding hibang dan khawng tawh na hanciamna uh pen thupi leh zahtaak huai sa ing. Ong lawhcing un!


  4. I laud the efforts of Zomi USA – This is truly a way to join hands network and strengthen the community. I wish the organization great success. May it be the helping hand that help build not only the community but also help shape the Zomis’ around the globe.

  5. Wondrful to know about you.I am David Pothirajulu,Bishop in Church of South India,retired,did my Doctoral studies in Boston,USA in 1978.Now I am 75.I see Bro.Samuel Suan doing wonderful ministry among the refugees from Myanmar in Bangalore ( covering 3 staes of S.india.I recommend his work to you.His email samuelsuan@gmail.com
    Please do contact him.His wife Vung Nu and his little daughter are with him.His work is commendable.some of us Indian friends provide small support.His hands need to be strengthened for the sake of the people from Myanmar.My mail david.pothirajulu@yahoo.com

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